Hi, I’m Stefan. I like to mess with Linux, network security, and free software. You may find me in the web as rumpelsepp, or on:

Over the years I experimented a lot with mail servers and DNS, so there are a few email addresses lurking around in the internet:

Everything is collected in a single mailbox, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose. The more important thing is to use my GPG key to ensure end-to-end security.

The reason why I have four mail addresses is: once upon a time I started with gmail. Then, my first mail server came and I didn’t have a domain. In a session with a friend the domain sevenbyte.org popped up; but I didn’t like it, since it hat no meaning at all. But I used it for everything in my infrastructure. Subsequently, my own DNS servers came and I wanted to make a clean cut in ordner to move my own DNS with enabled DNSSEC. So I decided to abandon the old sevenbyte.org crap. The mail addresses will stay, since they are already there…​

GPG Keys

My GPG key is available here: https://meta.sr.ht/~rumpelsepp.pgp