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Hi, I’m Stefan. I like to mess with Linux, network security, and free software. You may find me in the web as rumpelsepp, or on:

Over the years I experimented a lot with mail servers and DNS, so there are a few email addresses lurking around in the internet:

Everything is collected in a single mailbox, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose. The more important thing is using my GPG key to ensure end-to-end security.

The reason why I have four mail addresses is: a long time ago I started with GMail. Then, my first mail server came and I didn’t have a domain. In a session with a friend the domain popped up; but I didn’t really like it, since it had no meaning at all. But I used it for everything in my infrastructure. Subsequently, my own DNS servers came and I wanted to make a clean cut in ordner to move my own DNS with enabled DNSSEC. Well, the mail addresses will stay, since they are already there. We will see what kind of stuff will join my pool…


Thanks to sourcehut, I have a public inbox which you can use to send comments, patches for my projects, or rants.


My GPG key is available via WKD1.

$ gpg --locate-key

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